Humble Beginnings

Golden Pinnacle was founded by Yan Chi in 2012, and has grown from humble beginnings a strong team of professionals specializing in a variety of immigration areas. Yan worked for years with immigration lawyers before deciding to start her own practice, putting her vast education and experience to good use in order to help those in need. Yan recognized the challenges in the industry and knew that by starting her own practice and building a strong team it would lead to delivering strong value to future clients.

The Present

Our team consists of authorized, licensed consultants, recruitment professionals, marketing geniuses, technology gurus, and legal personnel. We fully explain every aspect of whatever process our clients need to go through, and we fully verify all participants are qualified and ready to participate so there are no surprises. Our primary focus is helping individuals come to Canada or bring their loved ones to Canada, and at the same time building the financial and economic tools which enable business minded individuals success in Canada.

Since these humble beginnings, we have helped hundreds of students come study in Canada. We have advised hundreds of business investors and private operators on making the economic connections to succeed in Canada. The vision and dream of helping those in need has flourished under Yan’s leadership, and it is just the beginning stage of what is to come next.

Our overseas network connects us with over 25,000 points of contact. We have strong relations in countries like China, Vietnam, and The Philippines. Our clients come from all walks of life and many different situations, hailing from places like Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Korea, Venezuela, and Japan, just to name a few.

Our professional staff are fluent in a number of languages, such as Chinese, French, and more, and are more than happy to converse with you via Facebook, Skype, WeChat or WhatsApp, and Email.

The Team

Founder and leader of the best Canadian Immigration Experts in Edmonton.
Yan Chi
President, RCIC #509252

In 2003 Yan completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Management Tourism from Capilano University. After graduating she worked for Can-Achieve in Vancouver until 2009, gaining precious experience in the Immigration Industry.

In 2010 Yan moved to Edmonton, and then in 2012 established Golden Pinnacle Consultants and worked as a Business Consultant. In 2014 she became a licensed RCIC after successfully passing the ICCRC exam. As President, Yan leads the company with her expertise and knowledge in Immigration and Business Consulting, and is slowly expanding the reach of the company through strategic partnerships.


Part of the team of the best Canadian Immigration Experts in Edmonton.
Stephen Li
RCIC #519710

Stephen started working in the immigration industry with a local firm in P.E.I. He then worked with a non-profit organization for several years where he was involved with helping temporary workers, foreign students and refugees. Stephen became an RCIC in 2017 and shortly after he started his own firm. In early 2019 he moved to Edmonton and started working at Golden Pinnacle Consultants.


Part of the team of the best Canadian Immigration Experts in Edmonton.
Chris Simmons
Immigration Associate

With a deep IT background, Chris has excelled at both paperwork and working with people throughout his professional careers. He enrolled in the Immigration Consulting course offered at the Academy of Learning Career College in August, 2017, obtaining the Immigration Consulting Diploma in April, 2018. Shortly after he joined Golden Pinnacle as an Immigration Associate, with a strong focus on Family and Business client options.

Chris is married to a lovely Filipina from Davao, and as such has cranked his Karaoke to 11. He has travelled throughout Europe and The Philippines, is semi-fluent in French, Dutch, Tagalog and is learning Mandarin. Chris enjoys spending time at Rosario’s Pub singing Karaoke, playing Pool and otherwise having a nice time with friends and family.


Part of the team of the best Canadian Immigration Experts in Edmonton.
Rebecca Helen Guigui
Department of Career & Employment Services
Corporate Solutions Specialist/Senior Recruitment Consultant


Part of the team of the best Canadian Immigration Experts in Edmonton.
Kendra Tebb

The first person you will see when you walk through our door is Kendra. As the Administrator, Kendra has many roles and responsibilities in the company. With over three years of customer service experience Kendra is highly efficient and deeply knowledgeable. Her experience and kind demeanor represents Golden Pinnacle’s down to earth values and she demonstrates this sincerity when helping our clients and the public.

Kendra received her Bachelors of Art in History and History of Art, Design and Visual Culture from the University of Alberta. Kendra also has a passion for art. In her spare time she loves reading and learning more about art and design from all over the world. In her studies at the University of Alberta she specialized in 19th century European textiles and porcelain along with Early Modern Chinese and also Canadian Art. Kendra also loves travelling and she has been to Germany, Austria, and Italy. With over 3 years of experience as a receptionist Kendra has great people skills. She is a passionate individual who loves to help others.

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