The Francophone Mobility Program (FMP) is an international mobility program which is LMIA exempt, according to Section 205 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. It falls under a cultural immigration mandate by which the Federal Government is trying to promote Bilingual Settlements outside of the province of Quebec.

This page explains the recruitment process from the perspective of the Employer.


There are many advantages for the Employer in using this program.
No LMIA 3 Year Tied Work Permits (Employer Specific) No need to pay the Median Prevailing Wage Rate No Staffing Caps No Advertising Requirements
Employer does not need to cover flight costs Employer does not need to cover housing costs Potential candidates interviewed before making a job offer French not needed in the workplace Replace recruits at no cost

3 Steps to Recruitment

Recruitment happens in 3 steps:


Recruits are initially interviewed by our recruiters, as well as our career and employment specialists.

They are vetted for their immigration eligibility as well as their documented work experience.

Not every individual passes this process, but those who do are encouraged to take workshops through our Career & Employment Department


Our Career & Employment Department offers workshops to prepare recruits for the Canadian Workplace.

Workshops include Canadian Workplace Culture, Communication in the Workplace, Your Identity at Work, Your Rights & Responsibilities, Resume Writing, Interview Skills, and more.


Our office arranges an interview with you and the recruit, via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp.

You are encouraged to ask specific questions about your workplace, and present scenarios about your team or your customers. You or members of your team may conduct as many interviews as you like, before making a job offer.

Career & Employment Services

At Golden Pinnacle, every recruit has the option to take online workshops to prepare them for the Canadian Workplace culture, via our Department of Career and Employment Services.

Recruits complete these workshops before being presented for employment.

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