Immigration Services

Our experienced immigration consultants can help you with a wide range of traditional immigration services:

Education Services

We can help connect you with over a dozen Education Institutions that have the education you may desire. Whether it’s a high school in Alberta, or a post-secondary university in Prince Edward Island, the choice will be yours to decide and go after. We will gladly help you with your education application, provide you with deep insight into living in Canada during and how best to make it all work for you, and more. Our team is here for you at any time you have questions or concerns, from the moment we first sit down until well after you graduate!

We offer help with the following types of education related matters:

Global Education Services

In addition to our regular education services, we have established partnerships with a variety of education institutions throughout the United States for both High Schools and Universities and Colleges.

  • United States High School Applications

  • United States University Applications

Career and Employment Training

We also offer a variety of Career and Employment Training courses that are designed to help newcomers adjust to the Canadian work culture and environment. We provide these courses not just to benefit you but also for the Employers who may hire you, so that any safety or communication barriers are mitigated. Work-place safety is regulated and overseen by the Canadian Government, and thus extremely important to everyone. Educating you brings peace of mind to the Employer and to yourself as well, by being able to communicate effectively and concisely in the case of a work-place emergency. These courses also bring a wider level of awareness and confidence about working and living in Canada, as a whole.

Recruitment Services — For Employers

Do you need to hire someone locally or from abroad? We can help! Not only do we handle regular LMIA applications, but we also are a full-fledged, licensed Recruiting Agency. We have helped hundreds of businesses over the years fulfill their employment needs in a variety of areas such as Restaurant workers, Skilled Labour and Trades, Food and Beverage, Hotels and Accommodations, Sales, IT, Software Developers and more.

Recruitment Services — For Workers

We’re actively and constantly looking for skilled workers from abroad to come work in Canada. If you feel your skills and experience would be a good fit for an employer here in Canada, please let us know!

The first step you need to take is to submit your information to us for evaluation. We work with a wide range of Employers who are seeking experienced, skilled workers just like you. After evaluating your information we then discuss any potential matches with a suitable Employer and will contact you to let you know if you are a candidate and applicable to apply for a Work Permit. Please upload your Resume as well when submitting your information, as we will be able to pass this onto any potential Employers. The Eligibility Assessment form is used by us to capture all of the most relevant and up to date information about your situation as a whole.

There are Recruitment Fairs held in a variety of countries, including possibly yours, so you will want to check back here often to learn more. We have an established and proven network of providers in a variety of countries around the world, and through this network we arrange Recruitment Fairs and even Trade Shows.

Legal Services

Do you have a question about Canadian Law or is your case on-going and you need some legal advice? We work with several well-known and trusted lawyers who provide sound and up to date advice at a reasonable price.

Refugee Services

Are you a Refugee in need of sponsorship, or is your case still pending? We can help answer any questions you may have in this regard.

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