Canadians pride themselves on having access to world-class education, available at hundreds of institutions across all of Canada. This pride has been extended to the many foreign national students who have come to study in Canada, for which they are humbly grateful upon completing their studies. The degrees, diplomas, certifications and industry value generated by our institutions is highly sought after and recognized by the world as the highest standard possible, throughout private businesses, governmental departments and academia.

Canadian Immigration Policy stipulates that foreign students who have successfully graduated from a Canadian higher learning institution are eligible to obtain a Post-Graduate Work Visa. The work visa policy does not limit the work and occupation for international students, nor does it require a job offer. This means a very bright future for those that have come and studied hard here, dreaming of one day becoming a Canadian Citizen.

Spouses and common-law partners are entitled to accompany international students, and may be provided a work permit as well.

Colleges & Universities

We are proud to represent and work with many colleges and universities throughout Canada and the United States. We are also an authorized agent for several public and private schools in Canada. Over the years we have helped hundreds of foreign students come to Canada to study. We are here for you, every step of the way, to ensure the utmost success in whatever ventures you dream of in Canada.

We’re here to guide you to your best education choices, and our application processing services are merely one small part of the overall expert service we provide to you. It is possible for your family to accompany you, and your spouse or common-law partner can obtain a work permit while you study. Your children can also be enrolled in school, health care and benefit greatly from everything Canada has to offer.

We work with many colleges and universities in Canada.

High Schools

Secondary education in Canada is provided at a variety of schools, programs and formats, each designed to meet different student needs. The Canadian secondary school system includes public international high schools, private international high schools, boarding schools, all-girls and all-boys schools, and Catholic or other Christian schools. These wide ranging options provides students looking at schools in Canada a large variety of choices to further their education and sets them on the right path to post-secondary education and beyond.

Many secondary schools offer intensive or specialized English as a Second Language ESL or French as a Second Language FSL programs to help international students master the language of instruction and prepare for college or university admission. There are also some secondary schools that offer instruction in languages other than Canada’s two official languages of English and French.

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