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Working in Canada

There are many types of Work Permits available to Foreign Nationals, ranging from established inter-country programs to employer-specific, and more. Canada has developed comprehensive and world class immigration policies to ensure that the highest standards are both met and retained to protect not only local businesses, but foreign interests too. Canadian businesses often require foreign nationals to fill a specific or highly technical occupation, and request permission from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to obtain a Labour Market Impact Assessment.

Business Visitors

A range of business visitors are permitted to work in Canada without a work permit, however every business visitor must receive their pay from outside of Canada, and the principal place of business and profits must remain predominantly outside of Canada.

Full-Time University or College Students

A student studying in Canada at a university or college under a valid study permit can work on campus as long as their study permit remains valid. Students can work up to 20 hours per week during school, and up to 40 hours per week during the school’s break period.

NAFTA/CUSMA Business Visitor

The old North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA allows certain business visitors from the United States or Mexico to work in Canada without a work permit. Canada also has a free trade agreement with Chile that parallels the provisions of NAFTA for temporary workers.

Please note that Canada, the United States and Mexico recently signed a revamped North American free trade agreement on November 30, 2018. Under the new agreement, also known as the Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement CUSMA, eligible U.S. and Mexican nationals will retain access to Canadian work permits under the same terms as the original NAFTA.

Open Work Permits

An open work permit may be issued to the spouse or common-law partner who accompanies a foreign student/worker for a time period equal to the valid study/work permit. Canada has a Post Graduate Work Permit that allows qualified student graduates from pre-qualified post-secondary institutions to gain work experience in Canada. Essentially, after graduating, students can be issued a PGWP to allow them to work full-time to gain Canadian Work Experience, which is then used to qualify for applying for Permanent Residence.

Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canadian Employers will hire foreign nationals if they can prove they cannot find someone locally to fulfill the position. There are currently two main types of categories; High Wage Position and Low Wage Position.


A foreign worker is entitled to apply for an extension of a work permit if the application is made before the work permit expires, and the foreign worker has complied with all conditions imposed upon entering Canada.

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